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Please read the eligibility and request to get Stars for your (this) site from Once you submit the request, will evaluate your request and inform you for the next step. Based on the stars that your site will be awarded, will send a Paypal invoice for you to pay. Within 5 business days of your payment, the stars will be activated and one of the badges from below will start appearing in the footer of your site. View Detail Process.

Detail process to award Stars :
  • Step 0 : Select stars from the drop down and Request for Stars
  • Step 1 : will send you a letter mail to your address which you have provided in the Footer of your site
    • Please make sure that your site Footer is up to date with Address, Email and Phone Number
  • Step 2 : You will need to send an email to us :
    • You must email from the email id you have in your footer of your site
    • Provide 16 digits alpha-numeric Code in the email that we sent you in the letter
    • Provide your Full Name in the email
    • Provide your Phone Number with country code in the email
  • Step 3 : In most cases, to verify your phone number :
    • We will call you to your phone number you have provided in your footer and the phone number you have provided in the email
    • During the phone call we will ask you at least three questions related to your site
  • Step 4 : If everything goes well, based on the eligibility of the stars to be awarded to your site, will send you Paypal invoice
  • Step 5 : You pay Fee as stated in the invoice and send email to us confirming that you have completed payment
  • Step 6 : will award stars within 5 business days after Fee has been paid
  • Step 7 : No further action - Badge with STARS will appear in the footer of your site for one year

Please note that your site visitors can click on the Stars badge in the footer to go on to the 'Site Information' page where your Full Name, Phone Number, Email Id and Address will be displayed along with other details. If Three Stars awarded then only Verified Information will be displayed however if Five or Seven Stars awarded then full information will be displayed on 'Site-Information' page.

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Site must be Live (Active) to Request for Stars.

Criteria Status
of Your (this) Site
Three Stars
Eligibility for
Three Stars
( 29.99 CAD for 12 Months )
Five Stars
Eligibility for
Five Stars
( 49.99 CAD for 12 Months )
Seven Stars
Eligibility for
Seven Stars
( 99.99 CAD for 12 Months )
Site Status Please Log In or go to existing site to view your site status Active Active Active
Contact Name Verified Verified Verified
Site Phone Verified Verified Verified
Site Email Verified Verified Verified
Business Address Verified Verified Verified
Number of Web Pages on the Site More than 5 Web Pages More than 8 Web Pages More than 12 Web Pages
Content on the Site Must have 'About Us' section with enough detail
  • Must have 'About Us' section with enough detail
  • Overall Good content through the site
  • Must have 'About Us' section with enough detail
  • Overall Excellent content through the site
Social Media linked to the Site At least 3 of the 5 Social Media All 5 Social Media
Blogs and Articles 15 or more 25 or more
Age of the Site Older than 18 Months Older than 36 Months
Total Number of Visits on the Site More than 50k visitors More than 100k visitors