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Business Website

While the world is becoming a Global Village, you cannot stay behind. No matter what scale of business you are in, you need online presence with your own business website. We understand that you may go through the pain for getting good web developers, conveying your thoughts and needs, testing, validating, maintaining and updating the website. But no worries, we did all hard work and providing you a simple and easy platform so you can create full fledge website for your business without knowing, doing or hiring software skills. Its all pre-built templates and colors you can choose from, to upload your content - no need of even drag-and-drop. And the fun part is, this option is cheaper than you go for exclusive web development. Plus, update your content, change template and color any time and as many times as you want.

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Online eCommerce Store provides easy and simple platform for you to create your own full featured Online Store without knowing or doing any software development. All you need to do is upload your content, products and Paypal detail to start selling. Your customer pays directly to you only and you ship products to your customers directly. You can add upto 1000 products. Your store is featured with Shopping Cart and Order Management. You can also add company information, return policy, refund policy and lot more. Update your store content, template, store color at any time and as many times as you want. You do not need anyone to support you for all these. Further, you can also make money by collecting ads from other businesses and putting on your store.

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Web Network

This is very interesting. Run your own network of local businesses by city. Simply create Web Network on without coding and connect with businesses in your area to be the part of your network. You decide and charge businesses for subscription. Each business under your network will have their own web segement under your Web Network. Customers can place orders to the businesses under your network. Businesses can offer options for delivery and their customers can pay on delivery or on pick up. The system provides these features. All what you need to do is choose one of the more than 50 network categories or create multiple networks for different market niches and subscribe businesses to your network. Everything is done through simple and easy platform on - No need for any technical skills !!

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Web Portal

Think big on your capacity !! You can leverage to build your own Portal without having any software skills. Your portal is All-in-One solution for Retail, Wholesale, Auction and RFP. Your portal is a feature rich platform for other businesses to sell their products in retail or in wholesale. Businesses can also put their products on Auction. The portal supports full featured Shopping Cart, Order Management, Bid Management and lot more. Customer can place orders and pay online directly to the businesses on your portal. You decide and charge businesses Product Activation Fees and an Order Processing Fees. The platform supports automation of theses processes. All what you need to do, is create your portal on and connect with businesses to sell their products through your portal.

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Advertising Site

Its pretty obvious that we know the potential of making money from Ads !! You may want to start one but not sure how to. has made it easy. provides an easy and user friendly platform to you to start feature rich Advertising Site with No Need for Coding. Run your very own branded Advertising Site for multiple countries, cities and categories. In addition to Search Result Ads, hire Ad Managers to collect Banner Ads and Scrolling Ads from businesses. With all these tones of opportunities to make money, you do not need any software skills or money to pay to software developer to do it for you - you can do all by yourself at

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