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Easy for Everyone - No Coding - User Friendly

  • What is an Online Store at
    • Online Store provides you an online platform for you to sell your products over the internet without writing a sinlge line of code
    • Online Store at allows you to sell up to 1000 differen types of products. You can also put products on sale and offer storewide discount
    • Online Store includes Customers Order Management, Product Management and Employee Management
  • How you earn money from your Online Store
    • Make money by selling your products through the Online Store
    • Earn from Banne Ads
      • Collect banner ads from other businesses
      • Post on your Online Store
      • Charge businesses as what you want
  • How you create Online Store at
    • Everything you do is without Coding - you will not write any code and you will not need any software developer
    • As first step, you create your Online Store by visiting
    • Then you add detail for your Online Store Header, Footer, Home Page, Contact Us and likewise
    • Then you can add products, put on sale, create dicount codes, add shipping charges and integrate with Paypal to receive order amount
    • Once you are done with these all then publish it to make it accessible over the internet
    • Once published, your customers can place orders to purchace your products through your Online Store
    • Except name of your Online Store, you can update any detail as many times as you want - all by yourself without software skills