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Easy for Everyone - No Coding - User Friendly

  • What is Advertising Site at
    • Advertising Site provides a platform to businesses to put their ads on the internet
    • Advertising Site at offers three types of ads
      • Search Result Ads : These ads will be displayed upon relevant search by the site visitors
      • Banner Ads : These are the image banner ads which will display on various pages
      • Scrolling Text Ads : These are the text ads scrolling in the header of various pages on the site
    • Advertising Site at also allows you to select multiple categories for which you want to let advertisers to put their ads as well as allows you to run the site for multiple cities for multiple countries - this can end up having huge site
    • It’s like Kijiji
  • How you earn money from your Advertising Site
    • You charge advertisers for Search Result Ads, Banner Ads and Scorlling Text Ads
      • You decide what fees you want to charge
  • How you create Advertising Site at
    • Everything you do is without Coding - you will not write any code and you will not need any software developer
    • As first step, you create your Advertising Site by visiting
    • Then you add detail for your Advertising Site Header, Footer, Home Page, Contact Us and likewise
    • Then you can select Categories,Countries and Cities for which you want to run your Advertising Site. You also set pricing for Search Result Ads, Banner Ads and Scrolling Ads. You can also hire and create profiles for Ad Managers.
    • Once you are done with these all then publish it to make it accessible over the internet
    • Once published, businesses can put ads on your Advertising Site
    • Except name of your Advertising Site, you can update any detail as many times as you want - all by yourself without software skills

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