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Create or Update Web Network

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to Create Web Network
Basic Information This is the first step in creating Web Network.
  • Select category for your Web Network
  • Select template and color for your Web Network. Update any time and as many times as you want, with just few clicks
  • If you have not opened account yet, you will be able to create your account at on this page.
Web Header Upload your company logo and provide company name to display on header of your Web Netwrok.
Web Footer Provide your business address, contact information and links to your social media pages to display them on your Web Network footer.
Home Page Build Home Page for your Web Network
  • Upload up to four images with caption for your Web Network's Home Page slider
  • Provide brief message to show scrolling message right on top of your Home Page. Add, update and remove this message any time
Hire Employees Create accounts for your Employees for your Web Network. Employees can act as Sales Persons for your network to contact and subscribe businesses to your Web Network.
Subscription Detail Create subscription detail for your Web Network. You have three options.

  • Allow businesses to register online and participate in your network Free of Cost
  • Hire sales employees who can visit businesses in-person and register them using Paid Activation Code
  • Allow businesses to pay and register online as well as hire sales employees to register businesses thorugh Paid Activation Code
    • You need Paypal account for this option
About Us Provide your Company Information, Values and Visions, Leadership Team, Technical Competencies and Partners information to display on 'About Us' page on your Web Network.
Contact Us Add email for 'Contact Us' page. All messages from 'Contact Us' page on your Web Network will be sent to this email id.
Earn From Ads Upload banner ads on various web pages of your Web Network. You contact different businesses to collect ads from them and charge them as much as you want.
Terms and Conditions Choose to display default Terms and Conditions or upload your own Terms and Conditions for your Web Network.
Privacy Policy Choose to display default Privacy Policy or upload your own Privacy Policy for your Web Network.
Metadata For SEO For Search Engine Optimization, provide very accurate and relevant page title, keywords, description and author name. View previously added metadata. Update, deactivate and reactivate anytime.
Redirect Site Visitors Your site visitors are yours. In any case if you want to move out of, you can redirect your visitors to your new website.
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