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Topic : Work Style
Last Updated : 2020-05-18 12:50:55
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In the current situation, on the outbreak of the NOVEL CORONA VIRUS or COVID 19, most of us have to work from home. Many people are looking forward to work from home jobs . The concept of work from home is actually simple as well as comfortable. We get to complete our works staying within the comfort of our homes and the schedule can be pretty flexible too. The work from home policy is simple as well as flexible in many offices. Also, there are no regulations like those in office.

Despite all the privileges that Work from Home has to offer reports have suggested that more than 70 percent of the employees are suffering from concentration breaks and their productivity has significantly decreased causing them a lot of trouble. According to a large number of employees they have sat at their desks to work only to discover that their mind is wandering. Despite their best efforts, they are finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate upon their work. Many of us have to go through this situation and this can have a negative impact on the performance of work. So, let s look at the possible measures we can take to prevent this concentration breaks.