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Topic : Work Style
Last Updated : 2020-05-19 16:40:07
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Considering the current situation of worldwide lockdown, a major portion of office-goers are left with no alternatives other than work from home. Working for the office while staying at home? It sure sounds contradictory, but however absurd it may sound we still have to face it. There is no transportation plying on the road to take us to our workplace moreover, places of social gatherings like offices, schools, colleges and markets are closed until further notice.

Work from home has got its own merits and demerits. Let us focus on the merits of working from home. Work from home jobs can be of various types. Almost every profession other than doctors, policemen, firefighters and those involving the emergency services can be practiced while sitting at home. In a survey conducted in 2019, it has been found out that employees working from home have worked for more hours than they used to do it in the office.

The first merit of working from home is that we do not have to suffer from the distractions of corporate life like attending to constant phone calls, meeting and constant interruptions from colleagues. These distractions can be very annoying while trying to concentrate upon the work and when we can not concentrate properly, our productivity or the quality of work tends to decrease. So, working from home prevents that.

It is always easy to concentrate on work in a comfortable environment. What can be more comfortable than doing your work sitting on your favorite couch or lying on the bed? Well, nothing comes close to it. We can focus more on our work when our stress level is low and our body is well-rested. Work from home fulfills all these criteria.

Our ability to adjust our work environment according to our needs and preferences helps us to stay relaxed and also boost our morale. We can change our place of work every day according to our needs, it would not have been possible in the office environment We have to sit at our own assigned place and continue working for long hours. This results in a sense of boredom and monotony and also have negative effects on our productivity.

The major advantage that work from home jobs provides is the ability to manage time according to your will. There are no hard and fast rules to complete our work. We can complete a task in any way which suits us the best allowing us to work more efficiently and creatively. It is also enjoyable to some extent.

The benefits of doing jobs from home are immense and multi-directional. It can lead to better productivity in comparatively less time. So, work from home should be considered a boon for us. In these tough times, we have to stay in our homes to stay safe so we need to support humanity and stand against COVID 19 by choosing to work from home.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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Sourodeep Goswami

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