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Topic : Web Development
Last Updated : 2020-06-06 17:59:55
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When we want to make a website for our company, we always find many websites that promise us free pages, with personalized designs and easy to optimize. When you take a closer look at them, you quickly realize that the degree of personalization is so low that it's really not worth calling it that.

All this has led me to write this article since many companies seem to be unaware of the bad effect on their image of resorting to typical templates that we are tired of seeing on personal blogs and that everyone uses. Let's start at the beginning. What is a custom web design: It is important that we have this clear; there are different degrees of customization. But which is the right one for a company?

A personalized website is a page with characteristics that make it different and unique among all the others. It may be based on a pilot template, but in the end, there are a number of things that can be changed. For example: Change the logo letters for an image, Change the text font, Choose another background or background color, or even remove it and put a background image, Add, modify, and remove site sidebars, Have different page templates to choose from, Have your own images and buttons. And many other things that make people feel satisfied with the colors they see and, in general, with the image of the company. When you visit the great companies, do you realize that its pages are unmistakable? What is this about? Well, in part, to a wise distribution of the company's corporate colors on the page and a very elaborate web architecture, with many details, but at the same time easy to use.

What is not a custom design: Now we go with the other side of the coin. Custom designs are not customizable templates. It is the final product, well made from scratch, well made from a customizable template (as is the case with this blog). Nor are the default templates for online stores, using the Prestashop and Open course technology, personalized. A company that wants its website to stand out from the rest of its range needs to produce content that fits its corporate image.

You need images. For sliders, for discount offers, etc. All square with the online marketing strategy that you are going to follow. You need your own CSS style, and it implies personalized buttons, a beautiful shopping cart, reasonable colors that make the page visually light, and, at the same time, attractive and identifiable. You need order: The real customization is that your page adapts to what you want.

And I say that particularly because of the layout of the sidebars and other elements, which in many custom templates put you, despite everything, many restrictions. For example, in terms of adaptability to the screen resolution in which they will be seen.

Ideally, your page is visually original and, at the same time, easy to use. With custom templates, you can do something modest. But if you want to take maximum care of the corporate image of your website, the colors of your brand, then you need a web developer who deals with you day by day and provides you with what you need.

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Author : Sazid Ahmed
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About Author : Sazid is a freelance writer and editor passionate about writing on the realm of business tech. He currently works with SMEs through North America and Europe.

Sazid Ahmed

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