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Topic : Web Development
Last Updated : 2020-06-06 07:35:06
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Web development is quite in demand these days and so is the demand for a skilled professional web developer. Web development is a professional field through which students gain training and the necessary experience to start their career. The web developer is a professional who develops a website and ensures its proper functioning. It requires in-depth knowledge and experience to succeed in this profession which is quite in demand these days.

So, for all those who are interested, here are the steps involved.

Any web developer needs to select a development specialization. The task of creating a website is quite complex and involves a number of steps. Web developers learn programming and use a number of software programs which include JavaScript and CSS. The student needs to understand the kind of web development job which interests him her. This can be front end development, interface designing or mobile application designing. Once selected the student the start the study.

No formal education is necessary to become a web developer. Students can learn different coding languages quite independently. Developers need to gain knowledge of web development principles and practices. The student is exposed to project management and various situations which require critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The student learns a number of technical skills which come with organized education. If you are looking for a successful web development career, you need to learn three important components which include JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Students are also requirement to learn CSS framework and CSS which includes Boostrap, Foundation and Backbone. Also, programmers need to know back-end languages which include PHP, Java, Ruby and different tools like SQL Server and Oracle.

Practice is of utmost importance for any developer. It is said that web developers learn only when they are working. With regular practice of coding and if one gets used to use of Git, it helps in preparing developers to work as a team in the later years. It also helps the developer to manage a complicated site and helps in application builds.

The last step is launching an online portfolio. Employers love to see past projects and efforts. You need to showcase some of your projects or some successful sites which you have built. When you have an online portfolio, it gets easier to demonstrate your coding talent and also technical capabilities. Several standout portfolios are helpful for candidates to clear their first hurdle this is getting across the job interview successfully.

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