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Topic : Web Development
Last Updated : 2020-06-06 18:40:19
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One of the tasks that all SEO must take into account to position their website in the search engines is to get quality links. The links of pages of our theme and well positioned pointing to our website, if they meet certain criteria, can help us improve our PageRank (the number from 0 to 10 that measures our relevance).

The task of winning links that point to our page naturally is not easy, and it is a process that takes time. However, there are ways to get our page to receive backlinks if we apply specific link building techniques. In this article, we give you some clues.

The first thing that we will have to be clear about is that we cannot remain passive and wait sitting for other pages to link us. We have to meet the goal of getting 1 or 2 links every week, from different sites, and on the same theme. How can such a thing be done if it is not up to me? You'll tell me. It is what we are going to explain in the following tricks.

1. Create very interesting content and appointment with other blogs and web pages. Our experience tells us that the web pages or blogs that create very interesting web content are often shared a lot on social networks and rank well. But they also get other bloggers to end up citing them, mainly if they deal with a controversial topic. You have to consider writing very high quality content. Many companies obviously don't want to cite the competition to avoid throwing rocks at their roof. However, quoting other interesting blogs and web pages can help us earn their trust and that they then quote us from their website.

2. Make comments on blogs. One of the most traditional and easiest ways to get links is to comment on other blogs. It is about creating comments that deal with the subject and do not spam. The username must contain the link to your website. But you always have to make a well-thought-out and remarkable comment, nothing of I loved this post and that's it.

3. Create secondary blogs. Over time, some pages decide to create a link-building strategy by creating secondary blogs named after the keyword name for which they want to rank. As they are secondary, it is not important to update as often, just put the link integrated into the article, and without exceeding it (1 a week is fine).

The SEO is a long and complex work that requires, above all, a lot of patience, effort, and perseverance. What other techniques do you know to get links to your website or blog? Do you use any of these? Leave yours in the comments.

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