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Topic : Web Development
Last Updated : 2020-06-16 15:51:43
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Choosing a domain for a web page is an important task that is influenced by various factors. Positioning does not only depend on the domain, but it can help a lot by generating organic traffic to the page. In any case, this is not the only aspect that must be taken into account.

Many companies want to have a website, but they are not clear which domain name to buy, nor which one will be more convenient for them. In this article, we give you some advice on the criteria to consider when choosing a domain name for a website. There are several elements that must be taken into account when choosing a domain: your brand on the Internet, positioning, ease of typing it in the browser, if it avoids confusion, etc. We detail them one by one:

Must include keywords. It is not essential (it may be the name of the commercial brand). Still, the positioning of a website that includes a keyword or two highly sought after and with little competition can be very helpful in increasing organic traffic, that is, the one that arrives directly to the main website. It has to be easy to remember. There are names that can be good for SEO, but difficult to remember because they are excessively long. Ideally, they should have about 10 or 15 characters at most in this aspect, although a longer one can also be positioned. You have to think that people not only come through Google, but some also have to type it in the browser.

It would not have to include hyphens. In sectors where there is a lot of competition, it is common for many times to buy domains with a hyphen in between since it is very difficult to find a free keyword. That, however, does a little harm to your brand, since it gives an image of little seriousness. Don't bet everything on the positioning. The .com or .us are more recommended. There are pages of many types of The most recommended for a company website is .com, or .us, if you want to focus on the USA. The .org may be the most suitable for an NGO and the .net perhaps for a secondary page or a landing page, but your main website should be .com or .us.

Not to be confused. Some companies follow a highly recommended positioning strategy. It consists of imitating the name of a well-known company under small changes. For example,, with three o's. Some people make a mistake when typing it, and it will stop there, but it is not the most appropriate thing at all. You must, above all, distinguish yourself and give a professional online image.

Don't include too many words. You can include up to 60 characters, but it is not recommended at all. The best is a combination of two words, at most. Bet on simplicity and think about your customers

What other tips do you consider when choosing a domain? Do you have any questions about which domain is better to buy?

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