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Topic : Web Development
Last Updated : 2020-06-15 05:29:29
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As Albert Einstein has already widely theorized, everything is relative and the same factor can have completely opposite senses depending on the prism from which it is viewed. Thus, being too fast can be the most resounding failure when it comes to conquering the desired person and, at the same time, becoming the source of success for our online store.

In this sense, one of the most frequently repeated demands by Internet users, the potential customers of our online store, is the download speed of the page. And this is also why fast response time is the most important design criterion when creating a web page.

Multiple investigations in a wide variety of hypertext systems have shown that users require response times of less than a second when moving from page to page when browsing the Web. Unfortunately, a KERS system capable of reducing response times below one second has not yet been invented in the virtual universe. However, the minimum goal that every portal should be required, including our oline store, will vary in response times of no more than 10 seconds for the user to open the desired page. And we say 10 seconds plain and simple because this is the limit of people's ability to hold their attention while they wait, as different studies have confirmed.

The necessary response times, always according to experts, would be the following: One tenth of a second: It is the limit for the user to feel that the system is reacting instantly.

One second: It is the time limit for the user's thought flow to remain uninterrupted, although you will notice the delay. Therefore, being able to open a web page in a second means that the user arrives at the page without delay.

Ten seconds: This is the time limit to keep the user's attention focused on the dialogue. With longer delays, users perform other tasks while waiting for the computer to finish downloading the page.

So, and as we have repeatedly emphasized, when designing your oline store put speed at the top of your pyramid of priorities, since a quickly navigable portal will exponentially multiply the options of increasing your sales by Internet. And we don't say it, experts say it.

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About Author : Sazid is a freelance writer and editor passionate about writing on the realm of business tech. He currently works with SMEs through North America and Europe.

Sazid Ahmed

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