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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 15:02:20
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The UAE, although a small country nestled on the shores of the Arabian Peninsula, has a vast and colorful history, culture, and lifestyle truly unique to the region and the world. Although most people only focus on its recent growth and boom, the country has been thriving and has been home to fascinating traditions for thousands of years.

Fact 1 - The tradition of pearl diving, which historically placed the United Arab Emirates on the map for international trade with India, Persia, East Africa, and even Great Britain, had previously brought funding and recognition for the UAE. Despite becoming a nation-state in the 1970s and the discovery of oil, the country growth and stability have been largely due to the booming trade in fishing and pearl diving for centuries.

Fact 2 - The UAE, though recently became an independent state, was still a formidable force due to its powerful tribal allegiance and leadership. Often disbanded, but as important, the United Arab Emirates played a large role in the trade and empire-building of ancient India, the Safavid Empire in Iran, and the large monopoly of the kingdoms of East Africa on international trade and commerce.

Fact 3 - Unlike other European countries or Japan, the United Arab Emirates has, in fact, more than just a royal family. Each Emirate of the United Arab Emirates is ruled by a separate royal family, the most famous and powerful of which is the Al Nahyan royal family of Abu Dhabi and the Al Maktoum royal family of Dubai.

Fact 4 - Speaking of royal families and emirates, the UAE is made up of seven different emirates, each of which has different ruling families, cultures, traditions, and even dialects. It was only in 1971 when the Emirates finally came together to form a United Arab Emirates and became the country that it is today.

Fact 5 - Another fascinating aspect of the UAE is the large number of migrants coming here for business, fashion, entrepreneurship, and more. Making up about 80% of the country entire population, they help make the UAE one of the most international and culturally colored places in the world.

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