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Topic : Technology
Last Updated : 2020-05-22 13:06:06
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Various new trends like concerts, virtual education, cuisines, IGTV among many others are becoming popular every day to beat the heat out of this lockdown. New ways of interaction and maintaining relationships have been invented. The internet is proving to be of great help to secure the link that is keeping us tied together. It has also challenged social distancing with digital intimacy and connections.

While people are trying to find comfort in their homes, a survey has pointed to a spike of 4 hours in the consumption of the internet since the lockdown. It is obvious that people are glued to their phones more than ever and the internet is playing a major role in helping them to maintain their sanity during these tough times. It wouldn't be wrong to say that without some apps to keep us entertained throughout the day it would have been a really challenging task to survive this lockdown.

Work and Learning Apps like Zoom, Google Duo, Zoho, Microsoft Teams took the center stage when it comes to conference or group interactions. These apps emerged with their upgraded versions to make our experience as hassle-free as possible. Not just for official or corporate use these apps prove to be pretty useful for taking online classes from home for the students. Their usage ranged from reaching out to hundreds of people through video calls, hosting seminars to collaborate on various projects. Network providers like Airtel, Vodafone and Jio ensured an interference-free internet connection to suit our needs. Even a huge array of internet plans have been introduced to cater to individual needs.

Entertainment - OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar has seen a significant rise in their subscribers as going to the movie theater or hanging out with friends is impossible. So, People are binging on popular web series like Game of Thrones or The Family Man. Hobbies like cooking, drawing, painting and dancing are also being learned to acquire new skills. But, it can undoubtedly be said that the social platform, Tiktok reached its pinnacle of popularity during this period of lockdown.

Staying connected - There has been an increase in the download of popular social networking apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Instagram, etc. It has been noted that people who barely used to text before are using these apps for making video and audio calls to get connected with friends and family. Another app known as Houseparty has gained popularity for its unique platform offering video chats and interactive games to play with friends and family.

Games - Ludo king, an online version of the traditional four-player board game has gained immense popularity during this period with both iOS and Android users for its unique feature of online mode which let players to get connected through a server and an interactive in-game chat for the ease of interaction while playing. The popularity of Ludo as a traditional family game aided to its success. Online Battle Royale games like PUBG and Garena Free Fire has managed to maintain their popularity.

In the end I would like to say, If you have not had the time to try out these apps yet, give them a try as they are worth it. They sure have the power to transform the boring session of staying at home to an interesting one.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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Sourodeep Goswami

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