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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 15:05:39
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Switzerland is a mountainous place that we have all heard of, and many of us have seen too. It is a small, rugged European country known for its irresistible chocolate, strong mountain cheese, and breathtaking beauty. You already know about some of them. Here are some fun, quirky tidbits that help you see what Switzerland is about so much more attractive than you thought.

Fact 1 - Switzerland is the primary country that has a square flag, and the other country is the Vatican, which has the second square flag in the world. The Swiss flag is a red color square with a white color cross in the middle of it.

Fact 2 - Switzerland central entrance points are wired to blow up in the state of an attack. One of the country security policies is to demolish the access of each main road, bridge, and railway in Switzerland in case of a foreign intrusion, ready to give a moments notice to at least 3,000 places beyond the country.

Fact 3 - In Switzerland, residents can question any law established by Parliament. Granted, they can assemble 50,000 signatures upon the law in 100 days. If successful, there is a public vote, and citizens decide by a mere majority whether to allow or refuse the law.

Fact 4 - Swiss men have the highest life anticipation in the world. In 2015, according to the World Health Organization - WHO, life anticipation at birth was 81.3 years for Swiss men and 85.3 years for Swiss women. This places Switzerland second after Japan for average long life expectancy.

Fact 5 - Alternatively, Switzerland has a seven-member Executive Council, which works as the leader of the Swiss collective state. A presidency is selected for one year, and during this time, primus is regarded as inter parse or for the first time.

Conclusion - Switzerland is known as a land of chocolates, mountains, and fine watches - but there is much more to this fascinating country. From nuclear shelters to Swiss palm trees, there are some of the most interesting facts about Switzerland.

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