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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 14:54:58
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How much do you know about Spain - If you are moving to the country, it is better to know a little more about your new home. To help you, here is a list of some amazing facts about Spain that you may not know. From legal nudity to magical mice, and everything in between, here are some informative and interesting truths that may surprise you.

The World largest producer of Olive Oil - When you think of olive oil, Italy comes to your mind first, but in fact, Spain is producing about 44 percent of the total olive oil in the world. Andalusia is the region that produces the most olive oil. This is one of the facts about Spain that many tourists are not aware of.

The highest amount of bars - Are you craving for that refreshing Cerveza - You will have no problem finding a good bar. The fact is, Spain has the most bars in all of Europe, and cafes and bars are open during both day and evening or night.

Home to the World Oldest Restaurant - The restaurant, called Botin, opened in 1725, a world record for a restaurant that is still operating. If you come to Madrid, you will try the dishes in this ancient restaurant. It is a great place to eat traditional food from Spain.

Spanish New Year custom - A very unusual but funny tradition that aims to eat 12 grapes with a family when the clock turns 12. The goal is to eat 1 grapefruit each time. If you are successful, it is stated that you will be lucky for the rest of the year. The tradition was popularized by the conquerors, who wanted to get rid of the excess grapes.

Spain did not officially participate in world wars - Like Sweden and other countries, the official position was neutral, even though some of the conditions could certainly be discussed retrospectively. With that, some Spanish residents were sent into exile to fight the Axis powers.

Conclusion - Spain is a wonderful country with much to offer the visitor. Not in vain is the third country in the world that receives more tourists, behind only France and the United States.

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