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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 14:16:08
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Poland is steeped in history, a difficult language for outsiders to learn, home to breathtaking scenery, and in some true ways to old cities. The country prides itself on preserving its culture and heritage - however, is there something about Poland that locals do not know - Here are some of the unusual facts about Poland.

Vodka originated in Poland - Russian readers will get entangled in the idea that vodka may not have been invented in Russia but originated in Poland. The world wrote mention of the drink and the word vodka was made in court documents in 1405 Poland, from the Akata Grodzki recorder of deeds, from the Palatinate of Sandomierz, Poland.

Poland was the best team in the 1974 World Cup - Everyone who watched the 1974 World Cup believed that West Germany was the best team as they won it. They were wrong because they forgot to check the figures. Even though West Germany won, with the Netherlands coming in second place, Poland was the best team in the tournament on statistics.

The person who invented Fahrenheit was Polish - While the debate continues over whether to use degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit, a memorial here in Poland marks the fact that Daniel Fahrenheit was born in Gdansk, Poland. His home is here, and his original Fahrenheit thermometer is on permanent display in a cabinet in the quiet Ulyssa Deluga of Gdansk. You need to check it because most of the tourists ignore it.

The Pelplin has an original Gutenberg Bible - There is an original Gutenberg Bible in the small town of Pelplin in the Kociewie region of Poland. It is one of only nine copies of the Gutenberg Bible that survives in its original 15th-century bond, and you can see it for real in a glass case inside the city Diocesan Museum.

Poland had the world first upside-down house - This wooden building, wrongly set in a pleasant forest, attracted worldwide media attention and somehow started a craze for all things German and Kaliningrad following suit. But here in Cimberk, Poles did it first, and it is worth a visit to check out this place.

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