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Topic : Planting and Gardening
Last Updated : 2020-05-26 00:19:27
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For years, giving roses is a sign of love and respect and we all love receiving a bouquet of roses. But, the question always arises, how do I keep my bouquet of roses fresh for longer? Roses have a life span of about seven days once they are cut. By following the steps below, your beauties will look fresher and you ll enjoy their fragrance for longer.

1. Trim the leaves from the stems and guard petals that surround the bloom. This enhances the appearance of the flowers. These leaves rot and spread bacteria in the water and this slows down water absorption. Trim any leaves that will touch or fall in the water.

2. Make a diagonal cut on the ends of the stems place the flowers in a bowl or vase filled with water. Cut at least an inch, don t cut it too long. You re going to need to cut them again in a few days. Change the water in the vase every two days.

3. Many florists provide flower food with their bouquets. Add the mixture to the water. This provides sugar to nourish the fresh roses.

Repeat the steps in a few days to keep your roses for longer. Taking care of roses require time and patience. So remember, if youre flowers dry out then you can always buy yourself a new bouquet.

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