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Topic : Personal Development
Last Updated : 2020-05-28 02:18:25
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Nowadays, each of us has a nuclear family and the most affected part of this system is the younger ones. They depend entirely upon their parents for love and affection.lets see how ideally parents should deal with their children.

1. Never abuse a child- Parents should not abuse their children either in public or in private, which might hamper their self-perception and this adversely affects their personality pattern. If the child is weak in some sphere of life, the parents should encourage them and keep them motivated towards positivity.

2. Balanced love and correction-Parents should keep in mind that they have to provide balanced love to their child. Overprotective attitude might make them crippled. At the same time, parents need to stern if the child is doing wrong. But the correction should be done maturely. Physical or verbal abuses should be avoided, rather, the parents are responsible for making their children aware and cautious about the difference between right and wrong.

3. Parents should behave in front of the child- Parents should never misbehave among themselves in front of the children. This will adversely affect the children and they also start replicating what they see. Children will cease to respect and love their parents if they see their parents in such situations.

4. Socializing- Parents should be social enough and also make their children likewise. They should try to make their children free with friends and encourage them to make more friends. This will help them be more frank and be less a victim of depression and anxiety. Parents should also try not to indulge their children into gadgets, rather, they should be directed towards books and newspapers.

5. Self-dependent- The parents should try to make their child self-reliant. Parents should guide their children, but they should encourage them to do their job and should be appreciated at their success and encouragement should be given in their failures.

Children are the backbone of our future and the parents are solely responsible for making this backbone strong so that a healthy nation can be built.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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