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Topic : Personal Development
Last Updated : 2020-06-05 13:36:12
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Loneliness is a complicated emotional and mental phenomenon that has, at its core, an intense sensation. Each of us has encountered some extent of abandonment, if only for a fleeting moment, and remember the uncomfortable and scary feeling that goes along with it. Whenever we recall this sensation or anticipate it in the future, we get a slight hint of abandonment and anxiety. Here are simple tips that will help you defeat Loneliness, especially in the period of quarantine.

Acknowledge that loneliness is a subjective emotional state of mind and not reality. Realize it is your loneliness is not a permanent state and take it as a rough patch in your life. You are acknowledging that life is like a journey, and you will face ups and downs in life. Every time you feel lonely and anxious, you can try to exercise. Exercise can help calm you down and decrease your anxiety. Deep breathing and relaxation therapy can be very beneficial and also reduce stress. Having yourself involved with planned activities and the use of routine leisure may be helpful.

Remember it is social distancing, not social disconnection. Thanks to modern technology, we can still stay together through social media and get connected from a distance. You can utilize the available time by joining online forums, classes, learn a new hobby, and enhancing yourself. For most people, it seems like a daunting task. Stay in touch with your dear ones via texts, social media, and phone calls.

Giving yourself some time to think about and listening to your heart and then going and doing something else, anything that gives you a little assistance will make you feel better and can effectively decrease your anxiety. It can vary from taking a bath or reading a book. Try to change the perception of yours and look around you. Be your own best friend. Talk to people you trust and share your concern and feeling about everything that is going on. Start writing your thoughts and behaviors. It will not only give you an outlook of yourself but also provide you with an understanding of yourself.

All of us like to remain up to date with health-related events. Still, people with health-related anxiety should avoid reading excess health-related updates because it becomes compulsive for them to read the news again and again. If you are worried about the symptoms of illness, talking to your friend or consulting doctor is the better option in an emergency. Connect to your health care provider or mental health professional if the anxiety level gets involved in your regular activities for many days in succession. You should not make any wild guesses or assumptions.

Try to build a strong family bond. Remember just like you are feeling lonely, your family members will also be feeling lonely something as simple as having a meal together and playing an indoor game, watching a movie each day, or reading news together. Anything and everything that you and your family could enjoy together to fight loneliness.

Try to express yourself, to others, friends, or family, do not hesitate to seek help. Practice writing in a journal each day. Begin writing a blog describing your experiences so that it can be shared with others. You can also write poetry or short stories or start the novel you have always wanted to write. While it might feel like this loneliness will last forever, there will come a time that you will be back to your usual routines.

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