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Topic : Online Stores
Last Updated : 2020-06-06 08:01:36
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Many of us are used to online shopping and online stores are a part of our life. Whenever we need anything, we pick up our mobile phones or browse online for the specific products. Without giving much thought, we have made online shopping a part of our life. Now, getting a bit deeper into this and think why do we love to shop online? Why do we depend on these stores online? If any product is not available online, we feel disturbed.

Have you ever wondered why these online stores have become such an important part of our lives? Why is it so popular all over the world?

1. Convenience You do not have to go anywhere for buying online. You do not have to visit the store any specific time. This means there is no cost of traveling to the store. You can shop online anytime you wish, whether it is midnight, in the evening or in the afternoon. Another convenience is that in case you are not happy with the product you can return it anytime. So, you do not have to worry about the right size or the right fit or the right color. This is one of the many reasons why online shopping is here to stay.

2. Low Prices Online stores offer a lot of discount and rebates. In order to attract customers to their products, sellers often come up with plenty of discounts. These are in the form of coupon codes, deals, freebies and rebates. The seller is pleased to offer discounts because it helps in pushing sales, especially during special seasons and festivities.

3. Compare Prices People depend largely on such online stores for price comparison. When you visit any local store, you get one price available. It is tough to hop from one shop to another to check out the prices. It is time consuming and practically not possible. However, when shopping online it is all just a click of a mouse. You can compare prices and make informed purchases.

4. Personal Shopping No one knows what you are buying when you are buying online. You are using your own device and shopping from the comfort of your home. There are no security cameras recording your movement when you are shopping online.

5. Send Gifts to Distant Locations If you want to send someone any gift, you can depend on online stores. They will deliver it to any location. This is not possible when you purchase from your local store. They are not going to deliver it to another location.

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Sudipa Dutta Chowdhury

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