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Topic : Online Sales
Last Updated : 2020-06-23 09:14:03
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From the point of view of consumers, the key word in the world of Internet sales is convenience, a term that implies the possibility of saving trips and high amounts of time, which, for some people, can be very important.

Also, from the point of view of online virtual stores, it is very important to be the first company to locate itself in a specific sales sector, since if competing companies manage to establish a brand image and attract more or less stable customers, the barriers that we will encounter when breaking into the virtual market will be much greater. For all these reasons, it is very important that an online virtual store is perfectly organized around a comprehensive marketing plan that allows it to obtain permanent competitive advantages.

The commercial functions of the Internet: In order to correctly plan the marketing strategy of our online virtual store, it should be clear that the Internet, by simultaneously combining the characteristics of a medium and a market, covers three commercial functions that differentiate the traditional media network such as radio or television.

1. Contact: It is based on the principle that both users and virtual stores exchange information on the Net. In this sense, there are two clear strategies to follow when planning our portal: The design of our website will help Internet users find the information they are looking for. The creation of our virtual store will revolve around the products or services that we offer.

2. Contract and distribution: According to this function, the Network can be seen as a large purchasing center, that is, as a distribution channel that allows companies to reach new groups of customers. In this sense, it is essential to take this characteristic into account in the case of retail stores such as online virtual stores.

3. Integration: Virtual businesses can be created on the Internet and, at the same time, consumers can meet in virtual communities. According to leading analysts, in the long run, both structures will converge into a large Internet conglomerate.

In this sense, it is very important to obtain information from users of virtual communities in order to include it in the marketing strategy of our online virtual store. Thanks to these data, we can earn the trust of our potential consumers and customize our products or services according to their tastes.

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About Author : Sazid is a freelance writer and editor passionate about writing on the realm of business tech. He currently works with SMEs through North America and Europe.

Sazid Ahmed

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