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Topic : Online Marketing
Last Updated : 2020-06-24 14:41:31
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Once we finally have our expected store online, we have the arduous and no less important task of marketing it, since first of all, we need a good group of users so that our project ends up coming to fruition, and we get it to start to give benefits.

For this we can take advantage of one of the most used formulas for the marketing of an online store: email, an alternative through which users, after registering on a certain web page, begin to receive advertising campaigns from the site in question, as well as forms, reminders, etc.

The good thing about doing this, in addition to making sure that the user continues to have our existence in mind, is that it will not be necessary to use our valuable time in this work since it will be done automatically, that is, we will program the frequency with which we want those emails are sent. For this purpose, we can mark a date and time of shipment, the time interval with which they will be carried out, etc. An example of this is the welcome messages that generally reach our inbox after registering on a website.

As always, also in this aspect, it is necessary to take care of the details, that is why it is recommended that these emails have a personalized appearance so that the client feels a little humanity in this Internet world that can sometimes be so cold, taking advantage of the data we have, for example using your name at the beginning of the message, congratulating you on your birthday, etc. This is also done through configuration and automatically.

As we said before, the most common is to send one of these emails just when the user completes his registration, another after a couple of days, and the next in a week approximately.

In them, you should try to attract the attention of the future client, reminding him at all times what the website is dedicated to, so it is interesting to add relevant photos and product links that may make him curious and make him return to the virtual store again.

But you must always be careful and be a little meticulous when sending these emails because the client does not want to waste time, so the message must have a justified and interesting content if we do not want it to end by unsubscribing of our service.

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