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Topic : Online Marketing
Last Updated : 2020-10-31 10:53:48
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Influencer marketing is one of the most thriving ways for brands to reach a proper audience and improve sales and engagement, so if you are diving into the engaging world of influential marketing, the first step is identifying who your audience is, and what types of influencers work best for your brand. Thus, it is necessary to understand the different types of influencers.

Mega-Influencer - It is the highest-ranking category on an impressive scale, and these people typically have more than one million followers on social media platforms. These are celebrities most people can recognize, including film and music stars. This means that they have a global audience, and their content can reach people very quickly.

Macro-Influencer - Macro-influencers typically have between 100k - 1 million followers. They are not necessarily celebrities and have gained most of their following via the Internet eg, creating viral content, posting continuously, and blogging or vlogging.

Micro-Influencer - They have the following, but they are not as expensive as macro-affected. Their authenticity attracts engagement and awareness, and the number of their followers means that they can build a personal connection with their audience.

Nano-Influencer - Nano-affected individuals are those who influence the local community. They usually have a very social media following of less than 10,000 and have no experience working with brands. Believe it or not, nano-influencers are very powerful, despite their low follower count, due to their high degree of busyness.

Conclusion - So, it wraps up the affecting types. Regardless of which type you decide to go for, keep in mind that effective marketing is just one part of your brand marketing. You still have to invest in social media advertisements and other means of promotion, so do not spend your marketing budget and efforts on marketing that alone affects you.

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