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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 14:05:07
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Some call it the Land of Beautiful Island, and others call it Food Paradise. Regardless of what you call it, Malaysia is a hidden gem of Asia. There is always good food, beautiful scenery, and rich culture in every corner of the country. But, as a Malaysian, how much do you consider you identify with this country - Below are some interesting facts about Malaysia that you might not remember -

The Malaysian flag, or the Jalur Gemilang, was created by a designer - The 29-year-old Public Works Department architect Mohammad Hamzah built it in 1963 when he won a competition to design a new flag in place of the much-publicized Malayan Union in place of the Federation of Malaya.

The Negaraku was formerly the national anthem for Perak - Tunku Abdul Rahman, the home minister, established a nationwide contest to find a proper national anthem for the country. Later receiving a total of 512 records and not perceiving anything proper, he opted to use the Perak State Anthem rather than the title Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan as the national anthem.

The National Service Training Program first started in the 60s - Usually, the three-month national service training program formally started in 2003, but Malaysia first national research with national service programs was started 55 years ago - In 1962, during the inevitable Indonesian battle, the government chose to bring youth between the ages of 21 and 28 to support two years of military training.

Malaysia is the only country in the world that has won the war against communism - The 12-year guerrilla war by Communist forces ended in 1960. This period is known by many as the Malayan Emergency.

The total highway length of Malaysia is longer than the circumference of the Earth - Shocking but true. In total, Malaysia has 65,877 km and counting of highway. But, the circumference of the Earth is only 40,075 km. This explains why we have to pay so much for tolls.

Conclusion - Malaysia is the only country that includes both islands on the mainland of Southeast Asia and between the Asian continental mass and Oceania.

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