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Topic : Lifestyle
Last Updated : 2020-05-28 10:43:17
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder that can be seen in early childhood. We often find kids forgetting their homework, daydreaming, acting spontaneously without thinking, and others. All of these are very common, but if a kid is inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive, then these can be signs of ADHD syndrome. Patents need to understand a few things to take care of their hyperactive kids.

Understanding- Taking care of a hyperactive kid is not an easy job. They need constant guide and support. At first, parents need to understand what is hyperactivity and how their kids feel about themselves. Many parents consider a hyperactive kid as a 'bad child.' But it is not the case. The hyperactive kids need special care and attention, and to cater to their needs, the parents need to have a deep understanding of their problems.

Create an atmosphere with fewer distractions- Hyperactive kids suffer because they are unable to concentrate. They have to struggle more, compared to any other kid, to focus on a job. So as parents, they must reduce the surrounding distractions so that their kids can concentrate on their work. Giving reinforcements like praising or gifts also boosts up a hyperactive kid's focus.

Consult a psychiatrist- To deal with a hyperactive child, it is always the best to consult with a psychiatrist first. They are habituated to deal with different types of psychological issues, so they will understand what the kid is actually facing and help the kid deal with his or her problems better. Sometimes the psychiatrists also give some medications to control and balance the mental state of a hyperactive kid.

Making a guideline- In most households, no strict rules are maintained on a daily basis, which makes a hyperactive child more confused. The main thing they need is a strict work order to follow. If their parents arrange their daily activities which they must follow, they can act in an orderly way. Writing down a list of activities is a great way to control a hyperactive child.

Free time- In our busy world, kids have such a packed schedule that they have no time to rest and breathe. This is affecting their psychology, mainly in cases of hyperactive kids. They need plenty of free time to utilize their extra energy in the right way.

Hyperactivity is mostly seen in toddlers and preschoolers. It is not a disease to be avoided. Parents need to deal with it cautiously, and with proper nurturing, they will be able to understand the needs of their kids. Only after understand the kids, parents can actually connect with their child on a different level.

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