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Topic : Lifestyle
Last Updated : 2020-05-27 13:33:51
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In today's world, people are having very less time for friendship and that too little time for maintaining a healthy, friendly relationship. Here are very basic five ways that one can follow to maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Be loyal- Situations may come when one is forced to tell lie but however, the situation go adverse one should not lie to his friends. One should not think that how his friend is going to judge him.If there is a bond of true friendship no judgement does exist. This the area where the genuineness of a person can be tasted and the problem of misunderstanding can be prevented.

2. Sharing is caring- Sharing is the most important in a friendship. Starting from tiffin to all kinds of secrets. The best friends should always know the mind of each other and this should be done both in times of joy and sorrow. Sharing can also take place when one friend tries to drag the other one in any of the good things that he has enjoyed or shares any finery that came across. Sharing in the mental plane is much more important than that of sharing anything else. This sharing can evade the geographical distance and can hold souls back from falling apart.

3. Mindreading - Friends should be mind readers. If one is eager to maintain a healthy friendship, then he should know how to read the mind of his friend. If both the friends start reading the mind of each other, then maximum problems would get solved. It would create a comfort zone for the friends among themselves and would provide great relaxation to the mind.

4. Selflessness-This is one of the basic criteria for maintaining a healthy relationship and person who is selfless can become an ideal friend. One need not do many things or showy things instead the true care and feeling can be noticed when one friend is trying to help another one without any self-interest or rather some times accepts adversities just for the sake of the other one. One should cautious that his sense of ego should not harm others and many a time this sense of ego is responsible

5. Acquaintance with family -When one gets too close friends then they must get acquainted with each others family. This will help to develop a feeling more vigorous and boys become almost brothers and girls becomes sisters in the true sense of the term.

These are the few simple things in this modern world that can save the bond of friendship from getting torn .We are becoming materialistic and it is a high time for us the realize the value of friendship and act accordingly.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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