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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 13:42:58
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Multiple people are interested in South Korea these days. Some favor co-pop and K-drama, while others may be engaged in speaking Korean so that they can visit Seoul. In the ancient days, South Korea was a small growing nation closed in most sections of the world. Though, these days that is fast-changing and has become a favorite tourist destination due to its rich antiquity and unusual food scene among other things.

Fact 1 - South Korea is the country with the biggest tertiary university achievement for people between 25 and 34. 68 percent of Koreans have certification from a university or a related educational system. It is no wonder that learning is a large-scale activity in this Asian tiger state, and scholars already in high school give up to 16hr per day.

Fact 2 - Koreans are not too scared, but if you keep them in a closed room, ask them to sleep, and turn on the fan, you can cause some serious anxiety. No one knows where this belief came from, but it is widespread even nowadays.

Fact 3 - For years, Jinro Suju has been the best-selling liquor in the world. This may not be surprising, given that Koreans are also the world largest consumers of hard liquor, with an average of 11.2 shots. Have not tried it yet - Time to visit Korea.

Fact 4 - Korea is obsessed with looks. When you go, you will see people care so much that many of them consider plastic enhancements. While most of them are relatively small double eyelid surgery, the plastic surgery business in Korea is booming.

Fact 5 - K-pop, k-movies, k-drama, k-beauty- all around K. Not only do you listen to Korean music in European supermarkets these days, but cinema has also taken it globally. As one of the largest global film industries, it is also on its way to its first Oscar - Boon Parasite is the hour-long film.

Conclusion - You may also be aware that the country has 12 World Heritage Sites, areas that are recognized for their importance and are therefore protected and protected, or kimchi is the national food, served with almost every meal, at every meal.

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