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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-10-16 11:58:13
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Jordan is a wonderful country with a bright history. Desire to study in Jordan - If yes then you need to identify the best universities here and see their education performance. Here are some universities of Jordan-

University of Jordan - This university is a state-funded university and is a traditional university. Home to almost 38,000 students, it gives about 60 undergraduate degree courses. The university has over 18 faculties and its hospital. There is a focus on collective and multimedia methods of teaching.

Yarmouk university - Yarmouk University is a public state-supported university and it has excelled in the best university records in Jordan. YU has approximately 37,000 students operating within an entirety of 15 departments giving 52 bachelor degrees, 64 master degrees, and 18 Ph.D. programs in various systems. The university further treats 12 career and research centers.

Hashemite university - The Hashemite University is situated in Zarqa in Jordan and is a state-supported university with a large campus. The university has a diversity of departments that train main subjects such as arts, science, engineering, literature, and several other buildings and associated services. The university is deemed to have one of the greatest architecture schools in the Middle East.

Mutah university - Mutah University is a government university in Jordan. There are approximately 17,000 students and 550 educational staff, with 2,500 managerial staff. There are around 1,000 international students. The university is composed of 14 chief faculties, inclusive of agriculture, arts, and business administration.

University of Petra - It is a private university that has eight faculties which include information technology, architecture and design, administrative and financial sciences, arts and sciences, law, pharmacy and medical sciences, mass communication and engineering. New students undergo Arabic, English, and IT evaluation tests to define their levels and are presented with absolute linking courses if required.

Conclusion - So you can see the top universities of Jordan where you can get qualified degrees and receive the best experiences.

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