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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 13:40:21
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Japan is an ancient country with an interesting history and traditions. Japan is also very closed to foreigners, which is why so many tourists are interested in these isolated islands. Due to its proximity, the modern Japanese way of life and culture is quite different from the US and Europe. Here are some real facts you probably do not know about Japan.

Fact 1 - From the 12th century until the passing of feudalism in the 19th century, the Samurai was a great warrior spirit in Japan. A samurai had a license to kill, giving the right to hit any peasant who disrespects his honor.

Fact 2 - Kimono is a popular Japanese garment used by both men and women. It consists of a long robe-like dress wrapped around the body, with the cover always on the left and the right. OBI is the belt that protects the kimono.

Fact 3 - Geisha, known for her elaborate hairstyles and white makeup, has been entertaining in Japan since the 18th century. White geese cover most of the geisha face and neck, although unaffected spaces that make up the W shape are usually left on the neck, which is considered attractive.

Fact 4 - Traditional Japanese rooms are decorated with a pot made of tatami, or rice straw. The length of a mat is always twice its width, and its size is standardized depending on the area. For that reason, the size of the room is often indicated by the number of mats required to cover the space.

Fact 5 - The largest seafood in the world is the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. The market employs over 60,000 people and opens at 3 00 am most mornings, with its famous wholesale tuna auction starting at five.

Conclusion - The land that brings you the sushi, bonsai, and the dazzling lights of Tokyo is ripe with attractive sparrows. Get to know Japan with these interesting facts.

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