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Topic : Innovation
Last Updated : 2020-05-24 06:13:52
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From the beginning of time till now, transportation has always been one of humanity's essential needs, and as technology is drastically evolving, so is the means of transportation. In the earlier days, it was cattle and carriages. In 1886, Karl Benz was the first to create a three wheeler car, and this was the beginning of the now known as the CAR.

As time moved on, car designers did not stay back from the race. In 2008, Tesla motors released there first car, the completely electric roadster, and this was a changing point for cars, the environment and the world. Now the question arises, if I was to choose between the two, which one should I pick, the newly invented EVehicle or the old standard gasoline or diesel powered car?

In my opinion, an EV (electrical car) would be much better for the owner himself and for people as a whole. The reason for this is number one, they are much cheaper than a GV(gasoline powered). This is because first of all, electric charging is more cost efficient than gas or diesel. Studies show that an American pays 15 cents for each mile they drive in a GV, this may not seem like a lot, although compared to the cost of electricity, which is one third of it, the price for gas or diesel is much higher. Another way it is cheaper is that the maintenance is less frequent and has a lower cost. This is because an EV runs on electricity, in result oil changes and other repairs related to combustion engines will not be required, also the brakes on an EV don't wear out as quickly as the brakes of a GV.

The second reason has to do with the environment, by choosing to drive an EV you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions, to go even further you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. And finally there is also a trend towards more Ecofriendly production and materials for an EV.

Before buying something, everyone needs to know the pros and the cons, one of the biggest drawbacks of an EV is that it is quite a big one-time investment, the price tags are quite high due to the cost of it's production, another thing is that the charging stations for an EV are not very common, even if you might live in an area where EVs are common and there are multiple stations in your community, what if you go on a road trip and need a charge, these stations are not very common. One thing that catches people's eye is they think that an EV has a higher chance of going up into flames than a GV. Studies have shown that even though an EV runs on electricity, it still has a lower chance of blowing up than a GV.

In short, in my view I think the pros of an EV considerably out weight it's cons and that is the reason an EV is better for owner and for humanity as a whole.

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