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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 20:16:37
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We are highlighting the amazing stories, insights, and life-changing experiences of these bloggers from their free abroad volunteering trips. I m sure, after reading these posts, you will get inspired to travel now and will head to the passport office to get one for you. Let get starting with understanding what volunteering abroad for free is. In today s era, free abroad volunteering is a different and alternative way of traveling to other countries while enhancing knowledge.

Many people traveled through free volunteering and are now inspiring others to do so. Here, highlighting the 15 best free abroad volunteering influencers. 1. Mapping Megan- One of the best award-winning travel blogs, Mapping Megan is been initiated by a global traveler couple, Mike and Meg Jerrard. Since 2007, the couple is volunteering and are inspiring people that volunteering is the best way to explore abroad. They have traveled to several destinations that include India, Thailand, Nepal, Japan, and many more. Not only this, they even share their adventurous travels, to make people aware that volunteering also offers countless employment opportunities, allows them to live abroad for free, and at last contours you as a person. They believe that it is not only to help others or to create a better world but also for personal development. They are the regular volunteers and experiences a great time traveling and volunteering abroad.

2. Flora Baker- Flora, one of the most eminent travelers from London, who combines her passion for traveling with volunteering. Flora likes to share and inspire people with her adventurous abroad volunteering trip on her blogsite Flora the Explorer. In 2012, she visited Asia for six months and explored Nepal, Thailand, and India by volunteering for orphans, learning making compost toilets, and working with Bollywood singers. The other six months she visited Europe & South America, where she developed and changed her traveling style. She was so passionate about exploring cultures, traditions, and various things of different places that she became an English teacher in Ecuador, worked as a builder in Brazil, a journalist in Colombia, to learn Spanish and although spent a wonderful time volunteering. She has also traveled to Africa, Australia, North America, The Arctic, and other places.

3. Nomadic Matt- One of the expert global traveler, Nomadic Matt, is also a travel influencer. Born and brought up in Boston, he traveled abroad in Costa Rica for the first time in 2004. There he experienced a different culture and wildlife, which he has only read in the books. He also saw many conservation projects, met different people. This trip opened his eyesight, and he got excited to travel around the world. He has traveled over 100 territories and countries through volunteering, stayed in hostels, tried different types of food, learned various languages, made numerous lifetime friends, and is still traveling. Presently, he encourages people and makes them understand that they need not be rich to travel abroad, as they can accomplish their dream by volunteering. He has spent a fabulous time volunteering at various destinations abroad and recommends people to combine volunteering with their abroad trips for an excellent experience

Conclusion- I hope this article featuring the 15 best bloggers has inspired and motivated you a lot. Bloggers featured in the article provide full knowledge of free abroad volunteering and also inspire all of us. So, now what are you waiting for, just start planning an abroad volunteering trip and most importantly don t forget to read them all. The guidelines of these best bloggers will make your journey more memorable and beautiful.

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