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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-05-28 11:29:10
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Dalhousie Overview- Trekking on the hills of Dalhousie is very famous among adventure and trekking lovers. Dalhousie is like a paradise for nature lovers. Trekking experience in Dalhousie is like a heavenly experience, mainly for beginners. The calmness and tranquility of Dalhousie hills attract the visitors that none can resist. The Deodar, fir and pine trees surround this place. The forest here is very dense and visitors come here to enjoy the fresh air of nature.

Dainkund Peak Trek- Dainkund peak is one of the mysterious places in Dalhousie. Many folktales are related to this mountain peak. People say witches used to live here in the past. They used to disturb the villagers a lot. That is why Dainkund peak is called Witch's Pond. Dainkund is the highest point of Dalhousie and also the least visited one because of the witch stories surrounding this place. Many Punjab rivers like Beas, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej can be seen from this point. This place is popular because of its beautiful sight, landscapes, amazing views, and dense forests.

Dalhousie To Kalatop Sanctuary Trek- In Chamba of Himachal Pradesh, Kalatop Sanctuary is situated, which is almost 6km away from Dalhousie. The sanctuary is covered with deodar and fir trees. This sanctuary has various trekking routes. One can see the Ravi river flowing in the path of the sanctuary. Various birds, serows, black bears can be seen here.

Chowari Jot Trek- Almost 8000 ft high Chowari Jot is a place worth visiting. In winter the place is fully covered with snow. Due to heavy snowfall, the Jot looks amazing. Chowari Jot or Chowari Pass is in between Chowari and Chamba.

Trek Essentials- Trekking can be fun and adventurous if one has all the important things with them. For trekking, one must carry all the essential items like dry packed snacks, extra clothes, and light woolen warm clothes. For mountain climbing trekking sticks are very important. Light shoes with best grip are another thing one must carry because the hilly path will be covered with snow and it can be slippery. Carrying torchlight can be handy. Apart from these, first-aid box, energy bars and medicines are also important for a trekking trip.

Best Time For Trekking- For people who love trekking in the snow, the best time will be January-February. The winter time is best for mountain climbers. The mountains will be covered with snow that trekkers will love. For nature lovers, March-June is ideal time to visit Dalhousie. The temperature will be below 30 degrees and the weather will be very comfortable. The snow starts melting in these months. The nature takes its best form. Greenery can be seen all around and visitors can enjoy a sooth

Tips For Dalhousie Trekking-1. Carrying water is important for trekkers. 2. Even in summertime, carrying woolen clothes is necessary because the weather gets cooler as the sun goes down. 3. Stepping carefully without damaging any sapling or vegetation is a must. 4. Carrying medicines is important for emergency purposes. 5. Light hiking boots are preferable for trekkers.

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