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Topic : Technology
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 18:23:25
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Are you searching for the best URL shorteners, then you have docked on the right website. Here, we have collected 3 best URL shorteners of the year 2020. In this article, you will find the most suitable and reliable URL shortener with its detail. Beginning with, what is a URL Shortener and why we should use it.

What is a URL Shortener? Well, a URL shortener is an online tool that helps in shortening the URL you want. It is just like making a URL shorter and more attractive than a long and messy one. The URL after shortening will also take you to the desired website where you wanted to be. WHY? Nowadays, URL Shortening is a popular tool for your website. Several reasons are there describing why to use the URL shorteners. In most of the URLs, there are attributes describing command structures, session, information, etc. that makes the URL very long. We know that these long URLs are difficult to learn. So, as a result, short URLs are easier and accessible for sites. There are many online websites available for URL shortening.

The 3 best URL shorteners are- 1. is a famous and efficient online URL shortening tool. It offers a simple process that allows you to shorten your URL just by pasting the link. Its free version is suitable for freelancers and ones having a small scale business. The premium subscription additionally provides more security to the links and various other features. These features include an analytics dashboard, cloud-hosting, Audience Intelligence, alliance with Zapier, etc. The basic service is free, and the premium subscription charges differently, as per your desired plan. is one of the recognizable tools among the best URL shorteners for its reliability and quality.

2. Now, it is a particular characteristic in Hootsuite, one of the prominent social media management tools. In Hootsuite, provides link shortening service to a person to use in other places like social media, etc. Being a user, a person can use the URL shortener from the Hootsuite tool. One can use as a free and premium manner according to the features they need. 3. InLeven- Here now comes InLeven, a new URL shortener tool that has made its place in the best URL shorteners list. It is an easygoing URL shortener tool that allows a person to share their shortened links with the team and others. Nowadays, InLeven is in trend for its unique feature to understand link s subscription, targeting, and conversion details. InLeven does not provide free usage. Instead, it has a premium subscription and a free trial feature to access before subscribing. The premium subscription has varying charges depending on the features and availability you need.

Conclusion- Hence, employing the best URL shorteners, you can design a user-friendly, trending, and a particular URL of your link. You can even examine and track the traffic on your link and can manage all the activities. This list of the best URL shorteners will help you to find a suitable shortener for your requirements. As these are the best ones for you to customize your URL and can also share on social media platforms.

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