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Topic : Street Food
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 16:11:10
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By the name of street food, that most of us consider unhealthy, we get water in our mouth as they are so tempting. But, the main aspect here is, are they healthy or should we trust and eat it? However, this concept is not new as for the much-awaited time it is in concern. So, today again we will enroll in about the hygiene of the street food involving whether we can trust or not?

Well, as per my opinion, trust is not the essential criterion we should think of. Instead, we should choose the street food of the hygienic places. Also, we should eat them only at the trustworthy places that we have been going for so long. Additionally, maintaining our hygiene is in our hands. So, we must maintain cleanliness and safety wherever we eat anything. We must also take some health-related things with us like our personal water bottle, sanitizer, and handkerchief.

Now, do we have to take care of all the hygiene? No, it is not that. We had to ensure that the person who is offering us food is keeping the safety and security of not. We must not ignore the thing that they are not wearing gloves or washing hands. We must ask them to do so as it is good for us as well as their health. Meanwhile, taste the food before eating it to ensure it is ok. If it smells, do not eat it at any cost as it can be poisonous.

Most of all, ensure the people coming over the place you are eating. If people are smoking or drinking or not maintaining hygiene, then do not eat there. As for eating, there would lead us to risk. We cannot always blame the person offering us food as we also have to check the conditions at when to eat and what to eat. If its rainy season, then there are high chances of flies, mosquitoes and other insects to be present there. So, we should ignore eating at that time. We should not shy in asking the vendors about the hygiene of their ingredients they are using, including oil, spoon, spices, vegetables, etc.

It is right that street foods are the unhealthy ones as they are unhygienic and even at some restaurants they are unhygienic. But if we are so much fond of eating them, then we must ensure our safety from our side also before asking them. Some of us believe blindly at some restaurants without knowing whether they are making it hygienically or not. So, that is not fair at all as you must be checking the one who is preparing food for you for your safety.

So, always keep in mind to maintain hygiene and not to eat without knowing their hygiene and safety.

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