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Topic : Movies
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 20:05:15
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Ernst Ingmar Bergman, the son of a priest, born on July 14, 1918, in Sweden. The most acclaimed, notable and accomplished Swedish director, producer, and writer who had even worked in films and theatre. Bergman studied Art, history, and literature at Stockholm University, Sweden. He has directed over sixty films and documentaries and established his cinematic world. The films directed and wrote by Bergman were highly relevant to the problems he encountered in his life.

The movies directed by Bergman inspect the morality of humans with God and themselves. He has directed many hit movies. Here highlighting the best films by Ingmar Bergman. 1. Wild Strawberries- IMDb Ranking 8.2. Plot- A film directed in 1957 portrays the life experience of Dr. Isak Borg, a renowned physician. This film depicts how a person gets everything just by walking to a few distances and opens a door and walks into his childhood then you open another door and come back to reality. Again turn around at a street corner and arrive in a period where everything goes on live. Ingmar Bergman interpreted this idea for the film. In the film, exploring Dr. Isak Borg, who was traveling with his daughter in law to be rewarded for his degree at Lund Cathedral. Along the way, he passed through the family summer home where he had spent his 20s life and met with strangers and relatives. He even had weird dreams that confronted him with his past and made him feel about the decision he made.

2. Smiles of a Summer night- IMDb Ranking 7.8. Plot- A 1955 great erotic Swedish comedy film, set around a turn of the twentieth century. A mismatched couple Fredrik Egerman, a middle-aged lawyer who married Anne, a 19-year-old beauty. He also has a son from his former marriage, which lives in celibate and is preparing to be a priest. The storyline revolves around Fredriks former wife and actress Desiree Armfeldt. Fredrik and Count Carl Magnus Malcolm, who were the lovers of Desiree in her past. Desiree decides to plot a weekend at her summer home and invited these two men with their present wives. She plans to seduce and separate one of them from his wife. The story ends with an unforeseen tragic consequence.

3. The Virgin Spring- IMDb Ranking- 8.1. Plot- Best foreign-language film and the winner of the Academy Award, Ingmar Bergmans Virgin Spring is a Frightening tale of severity, faith, and revenge. The story portrays the brutal story of rape and murder of the young, beautiful, and virgin Karin. Karin and Ingeri the servant set out to deliver candles to the church. While coming along the way from the woods to the home Ingeri made an atheist curse for Karin. They then saw goat herders which have two adults and an adolescent. Ingeris atheist pray was fulfilled as the two adult brothers raped and murdered Karin. Later the three goat herders took the shelter at Karins parent farm. The story has impressive revenge ending by Karins father when he gets to know about the goat herders. The film is beautiful and inhumane with its depiction of atheism and Christianity.

4. The Seventh Seal- IMDb Ranking 8.2. Plot- A historical vision film set in 1957 that made Ingmar Bergman the noted and respected director across the world. The film depicts the return of Antonius Block, a knight, and his squire Jons, to their Swedish home after their fight in the crusades. Along the way, Antonius has felt deaths presence around him. Antonius challenges death for a chess match to dodge his death. After all these happenings, Antonius has lost faith in god. In their continuing trek towards home, Antonius and Jons came across a theatre group. Antonius travels with them and asks Jons to travel from the forest so that he might know the answers he is looking for. He wants to seek the existence of God, life, and death during the black plague.

These movies were the Phenomenal and marvelous work of one of the greatest and most talented artists of the 20th century. The above-mentioned highlights will captivate you to watch them as they are amazing.

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