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Topic : Lifestyle
Last Updated : 2020-05-23 04:48:00
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Anxiety issue is very common problem that can be seen in everyone. People suffering from anxiety, continuously worry about their money, health, relationships, family or education. This creates a bad effect on one s health, starting from eating disorder to sleeplessness. Anxiety also decreases positivity, mental strength and personal skills of a person. Anxiety becomes a dominating trait of one s personality. To manage one s anxiety issues, people usually take help of psychologists.

Symptoms of anxiety are, 1. Excessive worrying 2. Tension 3. Viewing problems in unrealistic ways 4. Always restlessness 5. Felling edgy 6. Easily irritable 7. Bad headaches 8. Muscle tension 9. Heavy sweating 10. Difficulty in focusing on something 11. Lack of concentration 12. Tiredness 13. Nausea 14. Sleeplessness 15. Easily disturbed and trembled 16. Anger and frustration

A number of causes can be found behind everyone s anxiety, such as Genetics are a main reason behind the anxiety issues of a person. From birth they face anger and have trouble in coping up with others. Abnormality in brain s neurotransmitters can cause anxiety. These transmitters sent a message from one brain cell to the other. If they are not working properly then the human brain reacts in some weird ways. Our outside environment also affects our anxiety. Facing trauma, death, failure, and other incidents leave a long lasting mark on our psyche.

Marriage is a union of two souls and minds. But with time, people and situations change. Couples face various difficulties in their life related to the economical condition of the family, parenting, elders of the family, communication gap, loneliness, dishonesty, frustration, social pressures, and others. All these issues damage a marriage and the love between the couple fades away.

Due to COVID-19 we are locked up in our houses for more than two months. Many of us have lost our jobs, our schooling system has been paused, our future have become very uncertain. This is creating a huge mental pressure that many of us cannot handle properly. People, who love to hangout, are getting suffocated. We are having huge quarrels over small things on a daily basis. All these mental stresses are causing sleepless nights, bad food habits. Overall our lifestyle has been totally changed.

Anxiety is a mental disease so no physical treatment can cure it. Mainly in cases of couples, we have counselors who help a couple to overcome the tension in their relationship. Couples counselling clinic is a renowned place for couple treatment. Because psychology is a delicate matter so it should be handled with care. in these clinics, the psychologists take good care of their patients.

They arrange different sessions for couples where their faced issues are discussed and some activities are done to enhance the understanding between couples. Some medicines can also be suggested by the psychologists to calm down some hormones in one s body and make them relaxed. Thus with the help of professional psychologists, people suffering from anxiety can get relief.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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Sourodeep Goswami

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