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Topic : Information Technology
Last Updated : 2020-06-12 15:32:57
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What is Cyberbullying.... Bullying has evolved from the times of after-school fistfights or shakedowns for lunch money. Keep pace with todays technology, bullying has gone cyber moving to email, text, and social media. This shift to the web has amplified the devastating impact of bullying because internet mediums facilitate rapid distribution and do not have any take-back or erase buttons. Here are some tips to stop cyberbullying-

Educate Yourself- To stop cyberbullying, understand exactly what it is. You want to research what ends up in the initiation of cyberbullying, moreover as how and where it is presumed to occur. Speak together with your friends about what they are seeing and experiencing online to color a far better picture.

Secure your Online Passwords- Protect your online passwords and other sensitive information from prying eyes. Ensure that you just don t use light passwords and never write them down somewhere.

Do not Open Spammy Messages- Ignore any emails, text messages, Facebook messages, etc. from people you don t know, or from individuals who are known to be bullies. The simplest thing to try and do is to delete such messages without even reading them as they will contain viruses that robotically infect your device once opened.

Dont be a Cyberbully Yourself- This is a necessary matter which you want to take seriously. If you re the one who participates within the same menace, then preventing it is removed from reality. Understand that you just must treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Log out of your accounts on public computers- By staying logged in, you run the chance of the bully changing your password and locking you out for a few times.

Conclusion- Cyber bullying statistics make it clear this is often a persistent, significant issue. Armed with data, open communication, and actionable solutions, however, parents and teenagers can help turn the tide against cyberbullying.

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