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Topic : Hygiene
Last Updated : 2020-06-18 09:48:59
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We all know that nowaday, hygiene and cleanliness is more important than any other thing. It is not because we are surviving in the COVID-19 pandemic environment. But it is also helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout our lives. So, safety, hygiene, and cleanliness is a sort of thing that never goes offseason. It always remains necessary and one should follow it properly. So, here in this article, we will share four ways to maintain proper hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic world

Beginning with the first way is to pay attention to our personal hygiene. We know that personal hygiene is way more beneficial than other things. As if we will keep ourselves clean and hygienic, then only we will able to provide a healthier environment to others. Many things are there that are unknown to us about this virus. But the main thing we know is that it spreads through the respiratory system or infectious droplets produces when we sneeze or cough. It majorly spreads while in contact with the infectious person. So, it is a communicable disease that spreads by touching infectious surfaces with virus particles on it. The main arenas from where it spreads are our nose, eyes, and mouth. Hence, we need to wash our hands regularly with soap and scrubbing it for at least 20 seconds. We must not touch our faces and use our elbow while coughing or sneezing.

The second most way is to maintain social distancing. Whenever we visit public areas including the market or like that, we must practice social distancing of about 1 meter with the other person. It s yet another effective measure we need to take as to stay safe from the virus. It is just because the virus spreads by touching or coming in contact with a person. We do not know that the person is infectious or not. So, it would be better if we perform social distancing. We can do that by attending the virtual meetings via video conference call, we must not hug or shake hands, instead, we can greet someone with namaste or other alternative methods. At last, we need to avoid the crowd at any cost by not visiting such areas and staying at home.

The third way is by wearing a mask. So, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has recommended everyone to wear a mask to cover our face in public areas or while meeting someone, while maintaining social distancing. It is because we know that people get the symptoms of the virus within 14 days, so we must not touch anyone or meet anybody without wearing a mask. The mask we wear protects us and others from the respiratory releases of other bodies, no matter whether they are infectious or not.

The fourth and last major way is to keep surfaces clean. It is basically the main measure taken to maintain cleanliness. We know that virus is a germ that grows or develops on the dirty surface. So, we need to clean everything around us in order to stay safe. We must use the right disinfectant that is like diluted bleach solutions, 70% alcohol-containing solutions, and others. Leave the surface wet for some time after applying a disinfectant. Also, do not use the same wipe or cloth at several surfaces as ti can pass the germs from one to another.

Thus, the virus, COVID-19 is likely to be with us for about several months or years. So, developing these proper hygiene habits, we can keep ourselves, our surroundings, and our dear ones safe. Also, do not forget that this hygiene method is not only for the COVID-19 virus, but also for the other germs like cough, sneeze, and more.

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