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Topic : Health Care
Last Updated : 2020-06-15 15:05:36
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Sugar is the biggest culprit when it involves obesity, high-pressure level, weight gain, heart diseases, and so on. Feels like all these years we have been eating completely wrong. The answer is YES. You will eat your sugar moderately, but there are healthy alternatives to sugar that may be added in your diet, and which might not harm your body. Adding these alternatives can prevent a plethora of diseases and would facilitate you to remain fit and healthy too. So, let us discover replacements-

Sunett Acesulfame potassium - It is a synthetic sweetener, but it does not cause cavity or spike blood glucose level, and therefore the best news is that it has no calories. However, it is advisable to use it moderately to avoid potential health issues. It is advised to not exceed the FDAs recommended daily amount.

Splenda Sucralose- This compound is 600 times sweeter than sugar, but the simplest part is that it does not contain any calories, so it is perfect for people trying to slenderize or for somebody who is tormented by diabetes.

Stevia extracts- Stevia comes from stevia leaves and comes without calories, thus perfectly safe for diabetics. Also, it would not cause weight gain or obesity. When it involves sweetness, it is sweeter than table sugar, so you would like to use less to induce optimum sweetness. The sole downside is that stevia has an after-taste which if one gets would not to, would not bother much.

Honey- Honey contains lower amounts of fructose and is taken into account nature healthiest variety of sweetener. It comes loaded with numerous nutrients and it is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties too. However, within the soma, honey breaks all the way down to glucose and fructose even as regular sugar, so it does spike insulin, so remember, even with honey, moderation is that the key.

Conclusion- Make your mind to chop down on sugar content and treat yourself to a healthy delight weekly to stay yourself motivated.

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