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Topic : Food
Last Updated : 2020-05-28 23:54:40
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Prawns are a favorite amongst many. I have always craved to make a tasty prawn pulao that could be made with very simple ingredients. I always prefer to work with whatever is at hand than having to buy fancy ingredients. Therefore, this prawn pulao is something very simple yet festive. I made it using basmati rice.

Ingredients- 1 shredded coconut, 500gm of basmati rice, 50gm cashew, raisins, 10 medium-sized prawns, finely chopped onions, 6 pieces of cardamom, 3 tablespoon cardamon paste, saffron for colour, ghee 50gm, 250ml milk, sugar and salt according to taste.

Procedure- Take a bowl of water and boil it with a pinch of salt. Put washed basmati rice and boil it so that the rice gets soften. Put away the starch and spread the cooked rice to cool. Clean the prawns and fry it in the low flame in mustard oil until light brown and keep aside. Meanwhile, add saffron in the milk and slowly, it will turn yellowish, leave it untouched for now.

Take a fresh pan, put white oil and ghee, put the freshly chopped onions and fry it a bit. Then put the shredded coconut and whole cardamoms and cook it until brown. Add washed raisins and cashew nuts and then put the cooled rice and stir it well with the required quantity of salt. Add the yellowish milk and leave it covered for 10 minutes.

Remove the cover, add the fried prawns and add the required amount of sugar and again cover it for 2 to 3 minutes. Put cardamom paste and ghee, keep it covered for 5 minutes, mix the whole matter very well, and turn the flame off.

You will understand that the pulao is cooked when you find a pleasant smell coming out of it. Now it is ready to be served. I hope you like this recipe and do wish you try out this pulao someday and enjoy it as much as we did.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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Sourodeep Goswami

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