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Topic : Food
Last Updated : 2020-06-15 13:38:37
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Everyone serious about weight loss knows about quinoa, then again we all would agree that it is also a touch expensive and would not fit into everyone s dietary budget. That s where millets get the image, they are comparatively better priced than quinoa, are locally produced, not genetically modified, and are available loaded with nutrition. Millets are touted to be superfoods and therefore the best replacement for wheat and rice which cause sharp insulin spikes and have gluten content.

Finger millet- Ragi, or millet, is that the most well-liked millet in India and widely utilized in cuisine across India, particularly within the south. This millet is kind of popular to feed growing children due to its rich protein and mineral content, ditto with diabetics who want to control their blood glucose levels. Calories per 100 gm-336 kcals.

Barnyard Millet- It has the best fiber content among millets which makes it ideal for folks that want to slim down through a healthy diet. It is also rich in calcium and other minerals. Calories per 100 gm-342 kcal.

Foxtail millet- It is hugely popular among people that want to slim down yet as they control their blood glucose levels. It is also considered the best replacement for rice. Calories per 100 gm-473 kcal.

Kodo- It is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. It regulates the cycle and also reduces joint pain. Calories per 100 gm-309 kcal.

Little millet- It is rich in iron, protein, zinc, calcium, and B vitamins. It s also great for weight loss due to its high-fat content together with fiber value. Calories per 100 gm-207 kcal.

Conclusion- The one thing we do not realize is that India is filled with superfoods that provide rich nutrition to the body together with having a positive impact on health.

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