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Topic : Food
Last Updated : 2020-06-18 09:07:06
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Food is the most essential element for being healthy and well. Food is the basic necessity of our lives. Eating healthy and full of nutrition leads us to live a healthy life. For living a lively and happy life you must know the facts about food and know what are you basically eating. So, do we know why do we eat food... The basic answer here is to get energy, nutrients, vitamins, and fats, including the other necessary nutrition for our body.

It is very important to know the facts about the food that you are consuming. Knowing the facts about food will guide you to eat good and live a good and sound life. In this article, you will get to know some facts about food-

Apples give you more vitality than coffee- We all generally think that coffee gives us more energy than apples and we all like to have coffee in the afternoon when we get tired of our work. But that is a false fact, which we have in our minds. In fact, apples and coffee are both hard and difficult to compare to each other. Apples contain a higher amount of carbohydrates, fibers, vitamin C, and mineral contents which will help us to stay more energized and fresh during the whole day. However, if you consume both, then you will boost your energy level to a completely new level.

Pistachios are actually fruits- This fact is beyond belief but it is true. We all consider pistas as dry fruit, However, these are actually the seeds of the fruit. It contains nutritional content full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals. In fact, apart from these, they are high in antioxidants and low in calories, which possesses a healthy life. Pistas essentially help you to maintain your weight, lowers the cholesterol level, maintain the blood sugar level, and more. There are several things that one do not know about pistas, including that they promote the healthy gut bacterias, maintains the health of blood vessel, and at last is delicious and healthy to eat.

Bananas are berries and strawberries are not- Yes, it is shocking yet true. Strawberries are generally the part of the rose family. They are derived from a single flower that holds more than one ovary, which at last makes them an aggregate fruit. Hence, the real berries simple fruits that stem from one flower with one ovary with several seeds. So, bananas, tomatoes, and kiwis are berries, not strawberries or raspberries. Bananas can help you maintain your blood pressure and can help you get rid of your mood swings. Rubbing the inner side of the banana on the mosquito bite can prevent it from itching.

Water- So, water is not a food, but a basic necessity that everyone consumes every day. It helps you to lose weight and can keep you more concentrated during your work hours. It is a dehydrating agent that keeps you hydrated all day and also helps you to reduce heart diseases and cancer. It is the main and basic element present in our body that we need to consume in excess. As in its excess also, it does not harms us.

Hence, it is very very important to know the hidden facts about food to get a better knowledge of what you are actually eating. It can help you to eat a nutritious meal and mostly live the most vigorous life. Even, if you want to know some information like what to eat to reduce food, or what to eat while being pregnant, and any other sort, then it is necessary to know everything about food.

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