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Topic : Food
Last Updated : 2020-06-16 14:16:19
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Think fruits and you are absolute to consider your select favorite ones. But did you recognize that there are tonnes of fruits around the world that you just might not know of, or have tasted even once... Fruits of various textures, colors, and flavors that are now gaining global stardom are an element of the local consumption of those regions since yore. Now that we are getting increasingly health-conscious, it would be an honest idea to grasp some of the fruits better.

Sugar apple- Also called custard apple or sweetsop, it is grown on the Annona squamosal tree. It is widely cultivated within the archipelago or tropical Americas. It is a creamy white flesh, that tastes like sweet custard.

Cacao- Chocolate lovers, you would love this fruit. Grown on cacao, this fruit features a yellowish-orange exterior. Crack it open and you may find the seeds covered within the edible white flesh. The seeds, also referred to as cocoa beans are used because the main ingredient to form chocolate.

Carambola- Also called star fruit, it is native to South-East Asia. Once you cut it in slices, it resembles a five-point star. The tarty and delicious fruit is replete with multiple antioxidants.

Cashew- The edible nut comes from a fruit called cashew. the colorful fruit is grown on an Anacardium occidentale which is native to Brazil. Both the nut and also the fruit is used for snacking and cooking.

Longan- Belonging to the dicot family, this fruit is comparable to lychee or rambutan. It is native to Southern Asia and resembles an eyeball.

Mangosteens- Also sometimes called the queen of fruits, they are reddish-purple from the surface and inside rests a white, pulpy flesh with sweet, tangy and fragrant notes. They are native to South-East Asia. Conclusion- Above are some extraordinary fruits that are creating a stir across the world right for a string of reasons. They are used to cook traditional dishes or can be eaten raw.

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