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Topic : Fitness
Last Updated : 2020-06-16 14:34:42
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The ongoing pandemic has made drastic differences to our lifestyle, thereby, affecting our physical and mental well-being. Our lives are rewired and our actions are bounded. While many found the way to exercise daily and continue a healthy eating pattern, except for most folks, it was just sitting, eating, which we were missing due to the frenzy of lifestyle.

Today, as we are slowly getting out of our homes, we discover that the stamina to try to do so is not there. We get tired easily and feel the requirement to push ourselves mentally and physically. It is time to rewire ourselves - we just must take small steps to achieve back. Here Are Easy Ways to spice up Your Stamina Post Lockdown-

Eat At Proper Times- Set your meal timings and stick with them. This can help your body rhythm settle down it will balance out the hormones, keeping you energized.

Drink much Water- We are within the thick of summers and wish hydration. Even mild dehydration leaves us exhausted therefore, one must take adequate fluids, and an evident glass of water is that the best choice.

Include Seeds And Nuts In Your Diet- Seeds and Nuts are a Good in summers too. You can soak them if you suspect they are hot in summer. You can even add nuts to your summer drinks.

Get Back To Exercising- The ones, who have taken now to try and do nothing within the exercise space, have to restart. Are not getting back to the high level of exercise immediately - get there slowly.

Conclusion- Minimum social contact continues to be maintained together with frequent handwashing and sanitizing. We are going to reclaim our lives but the great habits that we were forced to relearn like rediscovering traditional foods, body hygiene, spending quality time with family, should not be forgotten. There is a bright side to each cloud.

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Author : Rahul Singh
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Rahul Singh

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