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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-06-07 09:45:17
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Social media has become part of everyone life that cannot be ignored. Social media has both positive and negative impacts not only on youth but also on elders and kids. Here are a number of the positive impacts of social media-

Friends- Making friends has become easier with social networking sites, within the former days it had been a small amount tough to form friends unless and until one features a personal interest in going out and making friends. This could be considered mutually of the simplest advantages of getting social networking sites.

Empathy- By connecting with new friends by social sites people share both the good and bad happenings with friends. This can improve the link between friends and thus creating good bonding.

Rapid communication- Everybody is becoming so busy with their lives that they do not even have time to speak with their relations. Our time is getting less with a busy work schedule and family commitments. Social networking sites allow us to speak speedily and effectively.

Be up-to-date with the world- Not only communicating with friends within the circle but we can also make friends worldwide easily. We can build a network of friends and that we can share our ideas, photos, and videos through these sites.

Building a relationship and finding a standard ground in an open society- We can make a robust relationship with friends and relatives through these sites. This could help foster friendship and more besides strengthening us. Connecting with associations help in improving one is own business, and create profits. Professional sites will have many groups that supported different criteria. Through which individuals get jobs and a few promote their business.

Conclusion- Social networking has been proved to own both positive and negative effects on our youths. within the above points, we have got discussed the positive impact of social platforms. This confirms that being on social sites is not wrong when.

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