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Topic : E Commerce
Last Updated : 2020-06-14 11:59:20
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You know eCommerce mCommerce is the next generation and this is why it is the talk of the town. Just to explain, mCommerce is the buying and selling of goods through the help of handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets. Mobile apps play a major role in the success of such businesses. Today, the cost of developing such apps has also reduced a lot. Thus, mobile apps are now increasing used by eCommerce businesses to expand their business and to reach out to a number of customers.

Businesses are eager to introduce m-Commerce because it is advantageous for a business in many ways. With the help of eCommerce apps like Groupon and Walmart, buyers can now easily browse and view a variety of products. They can compare different prices and also buy products. It is an opportunity to share some favorite items or purchases with friends. There are many rewards and loyalty programs which brands introduce through these apps. Thus, it is a way through which businesses can increase their sales.

mCommerce brings in faster purchases through the mobile versions. It is known that apps load faster than websites on a mobile device. Besides, there is no requirement to pull important data from server. Thus, customers can easily buy products at a faster rate. Today, mobile commerce apps provide the same type of functionality like desktop apps. Thus, people are able to make quick purchases through the app.

When customers use mobile apps, their experience is better. This matters a lot for the success of a website. People are usually a lot more familiar or comfortable using their tablets and smartphones. Thus, customers can now easily share the happiness of purchasing their goods with their friends. They can also seek advice from other shopaholics and community. Such a smooth and easy customer experience means improved conversion rates and additional revenue.

Businesses gain because of tailored content. Since it is based completely on individual preferences and also various shopping patterns, any mobile app can actually help in delivering personalized content to customers. The content is tailored according to social media profiles, interests, user location and also items viewed. With such preferences-based data, the app tracks the behavior of the user and recommends items. Thus, in most instances it helps in increasing sales and brings in customer loyalty.

Users find it easy to use mobile apps for their different shopping purposes. This helps in increasing sales in the long-run. Customers keep browsing products whenever they get time which helps in increasing conversions.

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Sudipa Dutta Chowdhury

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