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Topic : Communication
Last Updated : 2020-06-16 15:32:28
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This question is somehow difficult to answer. Well, what do spoken languages mean basically They are the vocal languages. They use several elements like sound, words, and phrases to make a perfect sentence. There exist so many languages that are spoken throughout the world. So here are some languages, which are the most spoken in the world.

English - English is the first most spoken language in the world. The English language belongs to the Germanic family, which is the sub-family of the Indo European family. It is related to Dutch, German, and Frisian languages. This language has over 1,130 million speakers around the globe and is also the official language of the world. In sky, all the pilots have to speak English while identifying themselves. Additionally, not only is Shakespeare the greatest dramatist of all the time, but he has mentioned the incredible amount of about seventeen hundred words to this language in his entire lifespan. He has changed verbs to nouns, nouns to verbs, and connected some words with each other by adding suffixes prefixes.

Mandarin - Mandarin language is the second most spoken language around the globe. It belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family and is related to the Tibetan, Cantonese, and Burmese languages. Some research says that a person need to learn around 2500 characters only to read 98% of the Chinese language. It is the official language of China, Singapore, and Taiwan and is one of the six official languages in the world. There are 1,117 million speakers of the Mandarin language worldwide. It is a tonal language that defines the meaning of a word in a changed manner, basically in the way we pronounce it. It is one of the most complicated languages in the world to learn. However, it contains no verb, conjugation, tenses, and no gender-specific nouns.

Hindi - Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world. It belongs to the family of Indo-Ayran, which is the sub-family of the Indo-European language. It is related to the languages, including Marathi, Bengali, Nepali, Punjabi, and Kashmiri. If a person is a native English speaker, then they probably are knowing Hindi. Words such as cheetah, yoga, jungle, guru, bungalow, avatar, karma, and more are borrowed from the Hindi language. There are approximately 615 million speakers of Hindi and is the official language of India. It is also spoken in other countries that include Mauritius, Nepal, Guyana, and Fiji. It is the language that has its influence by Sanskrit and is named over the word hind, which means the land of the Indus river.

Spanish - It is the fourth most spoken language in the world that belongs to the Romance, a sub-family of the Indo-European language. It is related to Italian, Romanian, French, and Portuguese containing 534 million speakers. A few of us are knowing the fact that the first modern novel, as well as the second interpreted book next to the Bible, was written in Spanish. It is the official language in about 22 countries of the four continents and is also the second most learned language. No one can believe that it is so easy, that within the span of three generations, the 10% population of the world can speak Spanish.

French - Last but not least. French is the fifth most spoken language in the world that belongs to the Romance family of languages. It is related to Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese languages and has 280 million speakers. Most of us do not know that forty-five percent of the modern English words have come from French origin. Moreover, what Hollywood tells us that the language of love, French does not exist solely on the moonlit walk in Paris. It is spoken across several parts of the w

Well, the above mentioned five languages are the most spoken languages in the world. There are many other languages that include Arabic, Bangla, Russian, Indonesian, Urdu, German, and more. They are easy to learn if studied with dedication and willingness to learn attitude. You can even go through these above mentioned and other languages if you want to and learn them to upgrade your communication skills.

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