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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-11 10:49:57
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Saree is often referred to as the traditional attire of Indian women. Most of the festivals in India are celebrated in a grand way and this is when we see women of all ages in traditional sarees, looking stunningly beautiful in every way. Whether it is North India, East, West or South, every region in the country has its own special saree. This nine-yard beauty binds all women of India and keeps them close at heart. Here are some of the choicest Indian sarees.

Crispy taant sarees from Bengal are totally made from cotton and one of the preferred materials for daily wear. The saree is lightweight, it is easy to wear and comes with a thick border. It is available in a variety of colors and neat & beautiful prints.

The Kasavu saree from Kerala, also widely known as Settu saree was actually a mundu or a dhoti. It was born with a blouse and a lovely stole which was wrapped around this blouse. Several elderly ladies from the State continue to wear this saree even today. The modern version of this saree is now available with a beautiful thick golden colored border. It comes with threads that woven with real gold. It is one of the most expensive sarees of India.

Kanjeevaram Sarees from Tamil Nadu are said to be the queen of all Indian sarees. These are gorgeous, heavy and exquisite. The sarees are made from traditionally woven silk available in the region. These sarees are graceful, they are quite refined and elegant in all one drape. Bomkai sarees from Orissa are also known as Sonepuri silk. This is a single piece of art quite like ikkat. It has an intricate thread work which is all woven in one saree. These sarees are available in cotton as well as in silk.

Paithani sarees are a speciality of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. This is a handwoven silk saree which is not just elegant but quite grand too. The saree has a unique zari border. There are exquisite motifs. It is given a peacock design which makes the saree quite different. Bandhani sarees from Gujrat are known for their ties. The sarees are made through a special tie and dye process. Rajasthan and Gujarat are both known for their bandhani print sarees. These are bright and beautiful sarees.

Last, but not the least the Banarasi sarees from Varanasi are popular all over the world. These saris are known for their silver zari and gold designs. These were originally made for the royalty just.

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