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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-14 09:57:00
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No matter how much we try some clothes do tend to smell if they are not used for a long-time or when they are in the cupboard for a long duration. Humid temperature can also lead to moisture which brings in a damp smell. It is difficult to get rid of this smell and you need to do a few things to remove such a smell. So, what is the best way to ensure that your clothes remain fresh in the monsoon and they do not smell.

Here are some easy tips which will help you to ensure that your clothes do not smell even if the environment is humid and its raining.

If for some reason, you have wet clothes, you need to ensure that you keep these clothes for drying as soon as you can. If you store damp clothes, they will develop a damp smell which is unhealthy. If they are kept for a long time in such a wet condition, they might develop bacteria. Thus, if you wish to remove smell from clothes, you need to ensure that they are dry always.

Use a fresh smelling detergent if you find that that the material is smelling a lot. If you realize that clothes are a lot smelly, you can use a fresh smelling laundry detergent. The fragrance detergent will help in getting rid of all musty smell. There are many detergents which use rose and lemon that leaves behind a refreshing sweeter scent. So, instead of that odd smell in the clothes, you can enjoy the refreshing fresh fragrance.

Have you ever tried adding baking soda or vinegar to your wash? This is an effective remedy which helps in removing any kind of smell from clothes. You simply need to add one cup of white vinegar or some baking soda in the wash. You will also need to use a good quality washing powder. The vinegar or the baking soda is helpful in getting rid of the stale and unpleasant smell.

You should also dry line the clothes. As the weather gets unpredictable, you might not have the chance the dry your clothes under the sun. Instead, you can even line dry the clothes wherever you can. Instead of drying them in the washing machine, it is a good idea to dry them outside in fresh air. Drying clothing under the sun is always appreciated as it removes any kind of odor and brings in additional freshness.

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